Admission And Withdrawal

Payments of Fees

Co-curricular Activities

Properly organized and regulated co-curricular activities are just as much a part of sound education as studies. It is chiefly through these activities that various facets of a child’s personality are revealed and that such qualities as team spirit, self-confidence, sportsmanship Initiatives and the proper use of leisure are developed. Mere accumulation of knowledge is not enough in the life of student. Some of the co-curricular activities encouraged are public speaking, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, games, PT , athletics , excursion, educational films, other competitions etc.

Evaluation And Promotion

School Uniform

On all class days and at school functions the children are expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the season. Each child must be provided with a sufficient number of uniforms. It is compulsory to wear the school uniform on the following occasions: classes, for trips/picnics, for inter school functions and competitions.

Note: The School Uniform forbids the use of jewelers or makeup. Long nails and nail polish are not part of the uniform.